Our Journey

In 1989, our farsighted founders Pankaj Barman and Rashmi Barman, turned to their dream project, Silkways. Later, having completed his education and with the aim to expand the existing customer base, their son Akshay Barman joined the company.

All along, first with our labour-intensive methods such as Hand embroidery and Aari embroidery and further through digitization, our company has been guided by a vision to provide its clientele with customized fabric, which perfectly resonates with vibrant personality of the individual consumer.

Our Focus

At Silkways, our belief in the three Es guide all of our actions and decisions.


Empowering consumers through personalization for optimum satisfaction and experience.


Ensuring a non-exploitative ecosystem within which our artisans thrive.


Evolving sustainable ways for the formations of a greener, cleaner and better world.

Our Methods

Adopting on-demand manufacturing , we intend to reduce the overall waste generation in our production and distribution processes, and to positively contribute to the globally rising trend in favour of green and sustainable fashion.


year of Experience

One Like None

Apart from ensuring cultural preservation, waste reduction, and consumer empowerment, our methods enable us to propagate our vision of generating employment while producing absolutely natural, eco-friendly, and high-quality fabric.

Despite the automation of our processes to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry scenario, we still stand true to our foundational ideals of providing sustained and transformative support to local artisans, suppliers and traders.

We also compensate for the demand of manual labour lost to automation by innovating newer and more efficient ways of generating employment, especially in the underdeveloped and rural regions.

Standing true to the ideals of our founders, while simultaneously adapting to the needs and demands of our times we, at Silkways, have been able to not only retain, but also enhance our reputation for supplying some of the best, customized fabric to the domestic, as well as, the international markets.

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